Bayside Forever Home Impacted By Low Shedding


South Africa

Bayside Forever Home Impacted By Low Shedding

30 June 2023 Hits:0

In 2022, the Bayside Forever in Johannesburg, South Africa welcomed six infants. The children have adjusted and are doing well despite the country’s challenges.

As the impact of load shedding makes international headlines, the challenge does not escape the Bayside Forever Home.

South Africa is currently in an electric grid crisis compounded by years of corruption and maladministration by the state-owned utility provider. South Africans are often at Stage 6 load shedding, which can mean up to 12 hours a day without power.

This makes running a household more complex as parents use single propane burners to prepare nutritious meals for the children and manage refrigeration wisely. The team has purchased special medical equipment for the most vulnerable children to ensure their needs can be met regardless of whether the power is on at home.

Load shedding has a wide-ranging influence, including impacting water treatment plants. Families are now endeavouring to provide filtered water for baby bottles and clean drinking water for the family.

The Bayside Forever Home team is working strategically with Acres of Love (overseers of the Forever Homes) to ensure all Forever families can still thrive during a country-wide crisis.

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