New South Wales Flood Relief - Bayside Community Care

New South Wales Flood Relief

We have been devastated to watch what is taking place overseas in Ukraine, but also here on the homefront with the floods in NSW and QLD.

Many have wondered how they can help.  Bayside Community Care aims to help people at a grassroots level. We have been made aware of a community meals program that is doing it tough in Lismore. We know community centres are the life hub of a community.

The Winsome & Lismore Soup Kitchen which operates out of a former great hotel is a wonderful centre providing daily meals and accommodation for people in the community. Currently, this building is now submerged and needs support to clean up and re-establish itself as the hub of hope and healing it is known for.

Donations will help provide bedding, toiletries, medications, and replenish all that has been lost or ruined in the flood.

Gifts are tax-deductible.

Please select “NSW Flood Relief” in donating tab.

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